chopard replica watches presents Dazzling Benu Tourbillon With Numerous Innovations

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The caliber's asymmetric-arm lever escapement is also constructed in the same manner as traditional pocket watches made by the German center for horology. This design ensures better stability and mass distribution. The balance, which oscillates at 18,000 vph, is shock-protected. It is made in accordance to the brand's designs. This enhances adjustability and mass reduction. Meanwhile, the balance spring is Nivarox 1 and has a terminal overcoil. To give a better view of the tourbillon carriage, the suspended balance spring has Gustav Gerstenberger's curve. It is located under the balance.

chopard replica watches Benu Tourbillon also has a stop-seconds mechanism. This allows for high precision adjustment. It is operated by pressing the crown, and the smaller pusher beneath it. The pusher uses a brush to remove human hair. The barrel of the caliber is equipped with a unique bilateral jewel bearing system that provides greater stability.Swiss Replica Watches The barrel has a three-day power reserve, provided it is wound manually. The exotic materials used in this movement should be discussed. We should also mention the break ring, which is made from a very hard guaiacum wooden, just like the clocks John Harrison created in the 18th century. Modern technology and advanced materials have brought us to the modern age. The caliber 103.0 has train wheels made from ARCAP, which allows for better precision as well as an aesthetically pleasing effect. The balance is also made of beryllium-bronze alloy.

The timepiece's high-end status is also evident in the intricate hand-performed decorations, including its 2/3 plate (and tourbillon cock). The Glashutte stripes motif is prominent, as well as snailing on the ratchet wheels. White jewels are housed in raised gold chatons with violet-colored pan-head screws around their periphery, which makes it easier to maintain and looks great.

chopard replica watches Dazzling Benu Tourbillon Watch Dial Detail

A White Gold Case with a Silver Regulator Dial. After the detail about caliber 100.0, let's focus on other features of chopard replica watches Benu Tourbillon. The three-part case has a round shape with a narrow bezel. The 44.5 mm wide case measures 13.8 mm thick. It was constructed from 750 white gold. A three-part dial featuring Arabic numerals is found beneath the sapphire glass. It is made from solid silver. This regulator dial shows minutes via the central hand, while hours and seconds are displayed on the lower sub-dials at the watch's upper portion. The watch's dial has no space for minute markers between 25-35 minutes, as the tourbillon cage is located at the bottom. This problem was solved by the brand's designers who added a retrograde scale to the center that is used for this period. The minutes of this scale are displayed with the counterweight (or opposite) side of the minute hand, which is an innovative solution. The dial's hands are hand-made from steel, which has been treated to give it a brownish violet shade. This amazing timepiece, with the reference number of 001.G-221-11-1 at a price of almost a quarter of a million dollars, features a black alligator strap that is hand-stitched and locks with a white golden butterfly clasp.